Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Phnom Kulen Waterfall and Pub Street

26 November 2016. Cambodia.

We rode the car again to reach the jump-off point to Phnom Kulen Waterfall, but trekking it would be after lunch. Served in an open-air restaurant, this was the only lunch in the tour package that I thoroughly enjoyed - the dishes tasted "Pinoy". I know, I'm that hopeless when it comes to food as I'm probably the pickiest eater there is.

At least I was rejuvenated enough to do a trek to the falls with a kid in tow. And mind you, he wanted me to carry him all the way. I did carry him most of the way, but I had to let him tackle the boulders near the falls. He did it with ease, which is testament to the fact that it was that easy to trek towards the falls. The kid was a real trooper in climbing up the rocks and jumping over puddles that I seriously contemplated on tagging him along should I decide to climb a mountain again.

The waterfall is split in two - the first is about 4 or 5 meters high while the second is around 20 to 25 meters high. Both are ideal for a dip but we did not because we were not able to bring a change of clothes. Besides, the place was teeming with people so we enjoyed the sight from a distance.

After about an hour of just soaking in the beauty and strength of the falls, we headed back to the hotel for a rest to be able to handle Pub Street and the Night Market later in the day.

Pub Street embodies Siem Reap's night life. It comprises of bars, cocktail lounges, and international restaurants. It appeals to backpackers because they can partake of really good liquor at such low prices, especially during happy hours. I had a 4 year old kid in tow, so we did not try out any of  them bars. We did try their fried ice cream and hubby bravely had a bite of the scorpion.

It was the Night Market I was excited with because, well, bargain shopping. I bought scarfs and Cambodian goodies to bring home.