Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Temple Running in Siem Reap

25 November 2016. Cambodia.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, I learned, is actually a monument dedicated to Vishnu. Its construction was under the leadership of King Suyavarman II. I was so amazed by its grandeur that I forgot the rest of the historical stuff our guide told me. There are five impressive towers that the monument has been known for, all shaped like a lotus bud. Our guide brought us to the back entrance, and even then, I was thoroughly impressed already.

There was one temple where children were not allowed, so it was only the hubby who made it to the top while I waited with the kid at a shaded portion of the monument. From his pictures, it was an impressive sight from the top. I would have wanted to go when it was my turn but the kid could only take so much heat from the day. It was our third temple and I felt he was tired.

Ta Prohm, another most photographed site in Siem Reap, was the one temple I was so excited about because "Tomb Raider". It was the one temple Zac allowed himself a walk (I carried him at the other two temples) because of the shade the trees provided. We felt like we were in a jungle, with giant trees surrounding us. I was blown away by the mix of nature and art.

Ta Prohm was a Buddhist temple, dedicated to the mother of King Jayavarman VII. I learned somewhere that there was a belief that the temple was in such a ruin because it was dedicated to a human person and not a god.

Bayon is the smallest of the temples that we visited but it is equally impressive with its four-faced towers everywhere, and an impressive carved mural.

In my opinion, these three temples would be enough for a day. There will come a point during the day that you will feel "templed out".