Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hotel Jen Staycation

August 19-20, 2016. Manila,Philippines.

At the hotel's reception

Zac and I were whisked to the 19th floor when I showed the reception my reservation for an overnight stay at the Club Room. Apparently, my Club Room reservation comes with an access to the Club Lounge located at the 19th floor, with a spectacular view of Manila Bay. Aside from the view, as if it were not enough, we had separate invitations for Afternoon Tea and Cocktails.  

Our room
Our stay at the hotel was more than comfortable. Zac loved jumping on the sinfully soft bed and snuggling under the equally sinfully soft sheets. There was a separate living area where I could peacefully read my book while Zac kept jumping from one bed to the other. The bathroom had a tub, so naturally, the kid made it into his swimming pool. Yes, the hotel had their own magnificent pool but I had qualms letting Zac take a night dip.

Our room
Star City, an amusement park, is just in front of the hotel but I wanted to enjoy the Club experience in ins entirety. And that was what I did. In entirety.