Saturday, June 11, 2016

Zac's Day Out in Malaysia

1-5 June 2016. Malaysia.

Our little tribe of wanderers found ourselves in Malaysia for our first ever trip as a family of three. As Zac just turned four the month before, I thought we'd avail of a tour service because I included Batu Caves and Malacca in our itinerary. Once again, I booked with Scenicworld Travel and Tours, Inc. and was once again rewarded with a smooth and efficient service. I availed of a seat-in-coach but since it was not a busy time for tourists, our tribe ended up having a private tour, except for the City Tour and Batu Cave Tour when we were in the company of two other Pinoys.

We had the City Tour on the first day, and Batu Cave on our last day but the guide thought we could do both in one day only and have the last day for our leisure. I agreed with his proposition and found out that the set-up is quite relaxing so our future travel will be patterned thus. The guide brought us first to Batu Caves.

Along the way, we stopped for garlands that we were supposed to offer to a priest after climbing the 272 steps to the cave. Unfortunately, a monkey, which happens to be aplenty in the area, snatched my garland thinking it was food. Zac was distraught. 

The guide also dropped us at a 'pasalubong' area where I did all of my trinket shopping thinking that I would not be able to drop by Chinatown with a kid in tow. I was right, plus the rain in the late afternoons prevented us from exploring more of the area on our own. Lunch after Batu Caves was at a street towards Kuala Lumpur at a Chinese restaurant that offered all sorts of dumplings. It was tasty and filling. 

The City Tour was next and we were brought for photo ops in only four landmarks but I thought it was enough. The heat was somewhat unbearable so we always sought solace in the cool confines of our van. 

There was more of the 'pasalubong' shopping, this time of Malaysian chocolates and coffee. Quite expensive but it was the real thing.

Our third day in Malaysia was spent exploring the heritage site, Malacca. Around two hours from Kuala Lumpur, I was surprised to see that in the city itself, there were numerous construction going on, and the city was developed. Also, in the heritage site, there were numerous shopping areas and a luxury hotel. Nevertheless, Malacca retained its charm and awed me like any heritage site would. 

Lunch was included in the tour, so our guide let us sample a Baba Nyonyan cuisine. Jonker Walk would have been a pleasant stroll of Malacca's streets but the kid fell asleep and it was in the middle of a hot afternoon.

We went back to Kuala Lumpur amidst heavy rain so a night stroll of the capital was out of the question. On our last day, we woke up late and explored the city on our own. The malls were our target but we thought Zac would enjoy playing in the park so after exploring the malls a bit, we brought Zac to the KLCC park.

It was a pleasant trip and our little tribe is looking forward to our other trip this year.

Until our next journey,