Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hong Kong Disneyland

16 December 2015. Hong Kong.

I was surprised that we were able to go around Hong Kong Disneyland in less than a day. Of course, Zac and I were not able to try all the attractions given his age, and that probably contributed to our being able to see most of the place. Still, I was pleased that Zac was enthralled and up until now, he begs me to bring him back to Hong Kong Disneyland. Surely, we will, but when the kid would be old enough to exhaust its numerous attractions. 

The Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad would be your best bet in seeing the entire place. It has two stations: the Fantasyland and the Main Street. From these stations, all the other attractions are at a walking distance. 

Zac had so much fun with the Mad Hatter Tea Cups, he wanted to ride it again and again. I was afraid for him when we sampled the Orbitron, but he squealed with such delightful laughter, I cried. We saw Buzz Lightyear but I had no patience for the long queue to have our pictures taken with him. It was enough, I thought, that Zac saw Buzz up-close. The same with Minnie and Mickey. He cried though when he saw Lightning McQueen during the night parade, and my heart just broke when he kept on shouting 'Lightning, I'm here!'

I was surprised when he paid attention to the 'Lion King' play, and seemed awed by the wonderful display of dolls in 'It's A Small World'. Too bad I did not let him see the fireworks display at the Sleeping Beauty Castle because I began to worry he might not be able to handle the cold. 

Until our next journey,