Monday, August 31, 2015

The Elusive Mayon (Archive)

6 September 2009. Albay.

I insisted on a visit to Mayon Volcano; so as soon as we arrived in Naga from Caramoan and after a quick shower at Villa Caceres, we once again proceeded to the terminal, this time taking the trip to Legaspi. The fare is Php150.00, and travel time is 2 hours. We made the mistake of stopping at the Legaspi terminal, when we could have just stopped along the highway, and took a tricycle, or walked, to the Cagsaua Ruins. We ended up taking a tricycle from the Legaspi terminal with a rip-off fare of Php120.00, and travelled back the same highway we traversed earlier. 


 Legend has it that there once lived a most beautiful maiden in the whole of Bicol, Daragang Magayon, daughter of Tiong Makusog. It was then prohibited for any maiden of Bicol to marry a man living outside the Bicol region. Daragang Magayon had a native and rich, but selfish, suitor, Paratuga. She, however, fell in love with a stranger, Panganoron, who is a Tagalog. The daughter opened up to the father about the love affair, and although it pained the father to discover such relationship, he wished only for the happiness of his daughter. Unfortunately, Paratuga discovered the affair and kidnapped Tiong Makusog, to be released only if and when Daragang Magayon married him. Daragang Magayon agreed. On the day of the wedding, Panganoron hatched a plan to save the woman he loves from the grips of Paratuga. A war ensued. Daragang Magayon was killed by a stray arrow and when Panganoron was holding the weak body of his beloved, he was attacked from behind. Both were killed. Tiong Makusog buried his daughter, and the people were surprised to discover that the simple grave soon became a hill. The hill kept growing until it today became the famous Mayon Volcano. The peak of the volcano is almost always veiled with clouds, and the Bicolanos believe this to be Pangaronon, kissing Daragang Magayon. (Source: and