Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Falls of Murcia

1June 2015. Murcia, Negros Occidental.

I have not had a proper trek since I gave birth three years ago so I conditioned myself with afternoon jogs when I included the seven falls in my itinerary. I wanted to finish all seven falls. It turned out, the trek was considerably easy except for the steep trail towards the 3rd to 6th falls which tested my 36-year old bones and muscles. 

To get to the jump off point of the trek, I was driven inside the Mambukal Mountain Resort located within the municipality of Murcia. The mountain resort is owned and managed by the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental under the Economic Enterprise Development Department. There are various overnight facilities available as well as picnic huts and canopies strategically located near swimming and warm sulfur dipping pools.

Upon registration, I was given a trek guide, and off we went. I missed this kind of travel - the kind where I have nature within and without me. I was not allowed to dip in the first three falls because of loose rocks. A pity because the waters was tempting. I was not able to visit the fourth falls, or have a glimpse of it, because the trail towards the falls was closed due to eroded rocks from past days's rains. On reaching the fifth and sixth falls, I was able to take a rest as there is present a make-shift store selling refreshments. And yes, the public is allowed to take a dip on the waters. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived, there was a number of people enjoying the cool waters already that I passed on this one. I did take a rest, however, and was surprised that I made good time. It was not even half of the day when I reached the sixth falls. A bar of Snickers (my default travel energy food) and a bottle of water later, I was on my way to my last falls. The guide was pretty excited to bring me there and I understood why as soon as I heard the cascades. 

After a hot trek, the seventh falls was paradise with its ice cool water. I took a dip on this one. I felt I deserved it. This beautiful falls was worth the steep climb and the rather long walk. It took a lot of resolve to leave the falls for yet another long walk back to the jump off point. My guide led me to another route, however; one that involved open fields and dense forests that it felt like I was in a Lord of the Rings movie. 

I missed this kind of travel. I cannot wait for my son to grow up. I cannot wait for him to be able to don his backpack and put his hiking boots. I cannot wait for him to wonder at nature and be captivated by it in the same manner that I have been, and will always be, captivated.