Friday, June 19, 2015

Negros Occidental: The Preliminaries

1-3 June 2015. Negros Occidental.

This Negros Occidental trip may have been my most relaxing trip yet, despite the fact that, looking back, I visited numerous sights not only within Bacolod City, the capital, but even the cities beyond it. I was busy at work so there was no time to prepare a do-it-yourself itinerary for the three days and two nights that I would be in the province. I availed the services of a Bacolod travel agency, Gramel Travel and Tours, but since I booked the hotel on my own, I was given a one-day itinerary that included an airport pick-up.

O Hotel was chosen for its price and location. True to its claim, the hotel is near where the action is but away from traffic. Hailing a ride from the hotel was not difficult, and I mostly rode a cab because it was too hot to take a jeep to anywhere. The superior room I was booked in was alright for my needs and I did not expect that much on shower amenities for the mere Php3,200 I spent for two nights. In other words, I only had free soap. The breakfast was decent, and then again, just right for the price I paid.

The itinerary prepared was not followed to the letter because after the trek to Mambukal, which I did as soon as I was picked up from the airport, I was too tired to do anything else. And the fact that I had almost three whole days of vacation. Surprisingly, my personal wifi was working in every corner of the province so searching for other places to visit was a breeze. Here was how my trip went -

First day: Mambukal, Museum, Ruins, Church
Second day: Museum, Church, Punta Taytay, City Proper (Bacolod)
Third day: Mall, Museum