Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Park & The Balloon.

10 April 2015. Manila.

Rajah Sulayman Park, also known as Plaza Rajah Sulayman, is located in Malate and frequented by many people especially at night because of the cool breeze and the colorful fountain. It fronts Manila Bay so the public is also given a spectacular view of Manila Bay’s stunning sunset. I was captivated by the play of colors I witnessed that afternoon of April 10, 2015 when I brought Zac to the square. The colors of the fountain with the orange hue of the sunset were a perfect setting for a photo opportunity that I am not surprised when newly-wed couples have a picture taken of them in the square, never mind the ogling public. Incidentally, Malate Church is just behind the square.

The square was named after the 16th century sovereign of the Kingdom of Manila, Rajah Sulayman, who died while doing battle with invading Spanish troops led by Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. The square was part of then Mayor Lito Atienza’s beautification project which explains the installation of a dancing fountain.

Zac was more excited by the woman selling colorful balloons than by the dancing fountain so I got him an airplane-shaped balloon just to let him behave while I take his picture with the fountain as his background. The woman was kind enough to tie the balloon’s strings on Zac’s wrist to deter it from flying away. The kid, however, does not like things tied to his hands so he undid the knot and in no time, up went his balloon.

I did not buy him a second one. The kid should learn how to value what he has.