Thursday, April 9, 2015

Shop & Eat, Bangkok-style.

26 February - 1 March 2015. Thailand.

The seamless fusion of different flavor blew my palate away. Although I'd had a taste of Thai dishes in the Philippines, the experience of sampling Thai dishes in the country of origin was divine. And extremely spicy. About the best advice I could give you when sampling Thai dishes is to have a bottle of water on hand. Naturally, we ordered everything on the menu on our first day in Bangkok, that by the last day, I was 'spiced out' and went for Burger King.


Bangkok, it seems, is one big shopping center. Or maybe because Asok (where we were) and the nearest stations abound with malls. We were permanent fixtures in Siam, however, because when the group researched on where to buy what, Siam was always the result. Since we were at Siam already, we thought we'd drop by Jim Thompson's house.


Jim Thompson's house is the home of James H.W. Thompson. He was an American entrepreneur and the founder of the Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company. His house is now a museum with an entrance fee of 100 baht. We didn't explore the house. We witnessed though how silk is being made as there was some sort of demonstration just outside the store.