Friday, January 16, 2015

Going green.

16 January 2015. Metro Manila.

La Mesa Ecopark is a ten-minute drive from home, so Zac is a regular visitor during those times when we want a green environment and some fresh air. Quezon City is fortunate to have this forest within the city, and its residents enjoy a Php10.00 discount on the entrance fee (non-residents pay Php50.00). For such a minimal fee, people get to enjoy strolling underneath the canopy of trees. Facilities, however, entail a different expense, but mostly at Php80.00, except for cottages which go as high as Php500.00 for a whole day.

I let Zac explore the area at his own pace, and he was so fascinated by the Bungee Fun that I was able to eat my lunch in peace on one those tables while the nannies reasoned out with the kid that he was not yet allowed to jump the trampoline.

While he kept coming back to the Bungee Fun, Zac also had the time of his life running and jumping on the grounds of the Petron Amphitheater. He loved riding the calesa too, despite having ridden the same the entire time he was in the province. Before going home, Zac rode the bicycle and his laughter was so contagious that it made riding the bicycle fun for me too.

Until our next adventure,