Thursday, December 25, 2014

Stop over.

This time today, as part of my reminiscing the travel year that was, I would have been reading on my blog post about Hong Kong, which would have been the only international travel I have done for the year. As it were, there is no blog post about Hong Kong because I forwent with the trip. Come to think of it, I booked Hong Kong twice and I forfeited both. Maybe Hong Kong isn't meant to be just yet? Or maybe the dates of the trip coincided with important events in my life.

The first trip was due to my condition - I was pregnant then and no longer allowed to travel. The second trip - Jas had to attend to something work-related. Both times, the lust to wander had to take the back seat because on both times, traveling was not the priority.

Before Zac (B.Z.), moving around was inevitable; so much so that I had not yet begun traveling my latest booking, I'm already looking for flights for the next holiday. Colleagues therefore were not surprised that I was not around at work days after payday or I was not in Metro Manila during the holidays. After Zac (A.Z.), I stayed least a few months after I gave birth anyway. But I stayed put and proof of my being stationary can be seen from my accumulated leave credits.

And my bank account.

B.Z., travel would be the only reason I saved up. A.Z., Zac and travel are the reasons I'm saving up. The desire to travel has not left me entirely; it has merely taken a back seat. The frenzy to see everything has not fizzled but has merely slowed down to match my son's pace. If anything, Zac has made me all the more excited to explore because now, I would be exploring with him, seeing the world through his eyes.

Work. Save for Zac. Travel. Repeat.