Saturday, September 13, 2014

Our second zoo

13 September 2014. Malabon, Metro Manila.

Being a private zoo, expect the entrance fee to be gargantuan, like Php150.00/person gargantuan. Is it reasonable though? In my honest opinion, I think it is. The animals look healthy. And its tigers are huge. In fact, there's an orangutan that's so big it can't carry itself anymore. This prompted the nanny to opine that the animal has gone lazy.


I don't know how crowded the place can get on any other day but it was fortunate that even on a Saturday, there weren't that many people when we visited. Otherwise, parking will be a problem considering that we were merely parked at the side of the street. A certain school was having its educational trip so Zac was delighted to play with the school kids. I was worried he'd bump into everybody because the zoo is considerably small.

I was thrilled when Zac was able to name the animals I pointed at, and without asking, he gave me their corresponding sounds. To tell you the truth, however, his sound for every animal sounded like a roar. Still, I was pleased the kid was pleased with the zoo.
Until our next adventure...