Saturday, January 25, 2014

Old school 2

19 January 2014. Metro Manila.

The first time I brought Zac to the University of the Philippines, Diliman, he was merely 11 months old. I vividly remember him practicing his steps at the Amphitheater grounds. Nine months later, Zac was able to finish almost two kilometers of the school's Academic Oval.

The weather was just right for an afternoon walk at UP. I thought Zac was ready to conquer the Sunken Garden. His aunt, however, insisted Zac jog with her around the Oval. We thus walked the Oval first before finally settling at the Sunken Garden.

Roxas Avenue, just like its counterpart, Osmena Avenue, is lined with trees. It's busier than Osmena, however, because jeepneys pass through this route, while only private vehicles traverse Osmena. What I appreciate about the overall look of the Academic Oval is its uniformity on either side. The buildings lining both avenues are mirror images of each other.


The College of Engineering building along Osmena and the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy along Roxas are an example.

The Jorge B. Vargas Museum and Filipiniana Research Center houses the art collection of Jorge B. Vargas, the country's first Executive Secretary. I plan to visit Philippine museums someday, so I'll feature its collection one of these days.

Right outside the museum is a gigantic sculpture of an eagle's feet. Honestly, I didn't know the significance of such sculpture. I don't even remember if during my stay at the University, these feet were already planted there.

The highlight of Zac's second visit to UP is the Sunken Garden.

According to light research, it is named as such because of its basin-shaped low-level formation that has the deepest point of 65 meters above sea level. During my stint at the University, I was told by fellows before me that the place sinks every year. As to whether or not it's true, I didn't bother to confirm. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the Sunken Garden, where Zac played with his soccer ball and ran alongside frisbee players.

I did mention that Sunken Graden was the highlight of our visit, but the real highlight, at least for us adults, was the pigging out of street food at the Shopping Center.

Until his next adventure...