Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Binondo Foodtrip

18 January 2014. Metro Manila.

I was more excited with the sights and tastes of Binondo than the main reason why I was invited. Besides, I'm not a fan of Feng Shui. When we arrived at the Feng Shui shop, there was a line, and it was long. So we had lunch at the fast food joint just in front of the shop, Chowking. It's a big no-no to be eating at a commercial fast food joint when you're in Binondo. But we were hungry, and we weren't done with our Feng Shui readings yet. Besides, to stay true to our theme, we chose Chowking because it's supposed to be Chinese.

So if you find yourself in the same predicament, Chowking is conveniently located in front of Yin Yang Store, a stone's throw away from Sta. Cruz Church.

Binondo would not be complete without having a taste of Shanghai's Fried Siopao. A mere Php17.00 per piece, it's of the bola-bola variety, and since I'm not a fan of that variety, my recommending it means it's a definite must-try. Located at Ongpin Street corner Bahama Street, we dropped by the place for a light snack before proceeding to Yin Yang Store. And returned later for more of the savory buns.

It took about five hours before I could complete my Feng Shui experience, which included a Feng Shui reading and shopping for charms. It was close to dinner time when we were done. There are a lot of authentic Chinese restaurants scattered all over Binondo but the cousin recommended Wai Ying, and after visiting the place, I understood why. The dishes we ordered were ultra delicious. And despite ordering like there was no tomorrow, we paid less than a thousand pesos. Wai Ying is located at 927 Benavidez Street.

We were close to bursting from our delectable dinner but that did not stop us from sampling Binondo's dumpling heaven, Dong Bei.

Located along Yuchengco Street, this hole-in-a-wall eatery offers very affordable dumplings. For Php100.00, one can already have a fill of 14 pieces of the tastiest dumplings ever.

It was a battle of the hopia for pasalubong - Salazar Bakery for the cousin; Eng Bee Tin for the friend. I cannot give an account of the taste because I am not a hopia fan. From what I saw though, Salazar's hopia were the flaky kind. Both bakeries offer different favors, with Eng Bee Tin boasting of 'lite' varieties.
Salazar Bakery is located at Ongpin Street.

There are a lot of Eng Bee Tin in Binondo but we went to the one nearest the Binondo Church. I was thus able to have a glimpse of the church but it was closed by the time we were done shopping.