Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Museum - Manila

29 September 2013. Metro Manila.

Jas and I were treated to an hour of ancient civilization when we visited The Museum - Manila on our parent break. Located within the premises of Boom na Boom in Pasay City, walk-in visitors pay an entrance fee of Php350.00, and are treated to a guided tour of Chinese, Greece, and Egyptian civilization.

The rooms housing the replicas of ancient artifacts are air conditioned. What, I think, would fascinate the visitors are the outdoor display of what are unique with each of the civilization. The Terracotta Warriors, Great Wall, and Forbidden City made up the outdoor display of Chinese civilization; the gods for Greece; and the pyramids for Egypt.

Finally, the museum also showcased the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. This was an eye-opener for me as I had no idea the artist was also a mechanic of sorts.