Friday, August 9, 2013

A splash of color

9 August 2013. Metro Manila.

It was a colorful day despite the gloomy weather, thanks to the vibrantly-colored animals and structures scattered all over the playground. I parked the car at the Roxas Boulevard side of Rizal Park because I didn't research on whether or not the Children's Playground had its own parking space. It has, FYI. Anyway, I seriously contemplated on walking from the Rizal Monument to the Children's Playground until I chanced on a cute horse-drawn carriage and thought I'd treat Zac to a calesa ride. I was glad I hired the calesa because a) the Children's Playground was miles away from the monument; and b) Zac had a grand time aboard the calesa. Ride was at Php50.00/adult.

Entrance fee to the playground costs Php10.00/head. I wouldn't have minded paying a higher fee if only for the maintenance of this colorful playground in the middle of a very busy Manila. The playground was clean; sadly though, a few of the structures were vandalized. What I loved about this playground was the play of colors. Amidst the green of the trees and grasses were the oddly combined variety of colors that didn't hurt the eyes.

Further inside the playground is an area where dinosaurs thrive. Their wild colors make them less scary to the children, but my kid was still scared of them.

Chance brought us to a covered section of the playground called the Kid's Play Area. Footwear is not allowed inside this spacious hall. There's only one attraction, a treehouse slide, but the area was ideal for Zac's age (15 months). True enough, the kid had good fun running around the hall.

I didn't want to walk back to the parking lot so I hired a pedicab for Php50.00/ride; Zac's first 'padyak'. The kid kept laughing while looking at the bicycle and at the driver. I was thinking while driving back home that the kid could rough it out, and I was glad.

Until his next adventure,