Friday, June 14, 2013

Under the sea & above the clouds

12 June 2013. Metro Manila.

Pardon the crude aquarium pictures, and pardon what seemed like a hurried visit to the attractions. When you have a one-year old in tow, who is more interested in walking around the premises rather than staring at the marine life, you'd understand. Which made me wonder, after all is said and done, whether it was too soon to have brought Zac for a visit to Manila Ocean Park.

Fortunately, I got the Deep Sea Rush ticket which costs Php550.00/head (children below two feet are free of charge). I thought the attractions covered by the ticket were reasonable enough for my one-year old to enjoy that when I declared that it was time to go, I didn't regret having paid the ticket price.

The Sealion Show started at 9.30, so that was the first attraction we went to having arrived at Manila Ocean Park at around 9 in the morning. I suggest you start early, or later, to avoid the crowd. It was a 30 minute show of Sealion tricks, which would have been enjoyable had it not been too warm.

Oceanarium came next but since Zac easily got bored when he couldn't catch the attention of the fish, I had no time learning the species of each one. The Oceanarium is divided into five sections. Visitors are greeted with aquariums which you could display at home or in restaurants, then these aquariums gradually grow bigger, until the biggest, of course, is the tunnel. Zac amused himself by walking all over the place. He really enjoyed the spacious grounds.



The Jellies exhibit was the attraction I was most excited about, having seen amazing pictures of it on the Internet. The exhibit did not disappoint, particularly the section where the colorful cylinders housing the jelly fish were reflected by mirrors. It was a visual delight. Again, Zac amused himself by walking around these cylinders but I had to restrain him lest he bump into the mirrors.

Prior to reaching the Jellies, we passed by the deck and enjoyed the sea breeze. We also passed by a photo exhibit of Trails to Antartica, but since I was worried on whether or not Zac could handle the cold of the attraction, I forewent with it.


There are restaurants and snack bars inside the park. H2O hotel is located inside the park. Intrigued, I will most definitely book a room at that hotel one of these days, just to have a feel of how it is to sleep with the fish looking at you. I chanced upon an area that will delight the kids, but I thought I'd pass because Zac was most definitely too young for it. Finally, we visited Birds of Prey, and what do you know, Zac had a blast. He had fun playing with the eagle that was perched on the bridge.

Until his next journey...