Saturday, March 23, 2013

Touring El Nido's Islands (Tour C)

13 March 2013. Palawan.

Kuya Mar suggested we do Tour C on the second day of our island hopping to take advantage of the calm waters. He said one island in Tour C cannot be accessed during high tide, so we were fortunate that the 13th of March cooperated with us.

Helicopter Island

This island is usually visited last so the tourists can swim on its waters and lounge on its white sand. We visited this first to avoid the crowd, so we were able to enjoy the island to ourselves. It felt like being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Hidden Beach

It's called such because the beach is covered by huge limestone formations. Kuya Mar docked his boat at the beach's entrance then we kayaked our way through. Misadventure: our kayak couldn't hold our weights at first, so it capsized. I panicked and just opted to swim to the beach. The place was simply beautiful; it had every right to be hidden.

Secret Beach

One thing I noticed about the islands, they like to keep to themselves, so it was an effort to get to the Secret Beach. A small opening leads to the beach, and I think it's this island that Kuya Mar told us about - we can't get through during high tide because the waves would push us to the rocks.

Star Beach

This beach is so named because of the abundance of star fish in the area. It was here where we had our lunch. Jas had the time of his life in this island, but I was feeling a bit feverish, so I just stayed on the shore and enjoyed the waters from a distance.

Matinloc Shrine

According to Kuya Mar, the buildings on this island were merely a front for an oil-mining operation that was abandoned, probably because there's no more oil to mine or funds ran out. Anyway, what I loved about this island is the breathtaking view from atop the limestones.

Below the stones is an underground museum of sorts, with pictures that depict the history of the island.

Cadlao Lagoon
This lagoon is not included among those offered in Tour C but Kuya Mar brought us here because it was too early to go home, and Kuya Mar wanted us to relax at this quiet lagoon. It was indeed quiet despite the company we were with. The water was cold; I was afraid a long dip will aggravate my fever. So I once again stayed on the sidelines while Jas kayaked the lagoon.