Saturday, March 23, 2013

Touring El Nido's Islands (Tour B)

14 March 2013. Palawan.

We did Tour B on our last day, and it was the farthest of the three tours we took.

Pinagbuyutan Island

Jas and I were the only ones around, not counting the family of foreigners who camped on the island for four nights. I had a chance to talk to the mother and I learned that they had been touring the world for 16 months now. She told me Philippines was on top of their list of the most beautiful countries and most hospitable people. She even sort of begged that we don't go Western in our ways. I was mighty proud of our country then, talking to her. We also had fresh buko juice on this island for Php20.00.

Cathedral Cave

Unfortunately, there were huge jelly fish swimming about so we didn't dare kayak inside the cave. It really does look like a cathedral with its towering limestone cliff.

Cudugnon Cave

Another cave we did enter because it was safe is the Cudugnon Cave. Kuya Mar informed us that the cave was used as a hiding place by the Japanese soldiers, and some have died inside the cave. He pointed to us the place inside the cave where Japanese treasures were said to have been buried.

We had lunch on this island and we rented a cottage for P100.00. Drinks were also being sold on this island. Jas kayaked the entire afternoon while I was busy snorkeling.

Snake Island

A personal favorite is Snake Island, so called because of the snake-like shape of the sandbar as viewed on the deck. I was so enamored by the place that I crossed from one island to the other by walking on the sandbar, in the middle of a very hot afternoon.

Entalula Island
We spent the entire afternoon swimming and kayaking on this island, which is a private island by the way, but not where we were docked. The waves were strong on this island, and the sand was sheer white. Jas and I gave it all we got considering that it was our last day in El Nido.