Saturday, March 23, 2013

Touring El Nido's Islands (Tour A)

12 March 2013. Palawan.

I wanted to do a narration of what we went through exploring the amazing islands of El Nido, but I thought I'd just post pictures of the islands we visited.

Small Lagoon

We had to swim into a small opening before the beauty of this lagoon can be glimpsed. Kuya Mar also brought us inside a cave, which we had all to ourselves.

Entalula Island

We had our lunch on this island. This island isn't really included in Tour A but Kuya Mar brought us here so we could enjoy our lunch, and so we could take some rest away from the crowd.

Simizu Island

We didn't dock at this island but we did snorkel and were greeted by this wonderful sight under the sea.

Secret Lagoon

It's called secret because it's somewhat hidden by the rock formations. We still had to enter a slippery and rather small opening to the lagoon. The lagoon is much, much smaller than the Small Lagoon, but there's a shore where I relaxed a bit and swapped stories with Kuya Mar, while Jas was busy snorkeling.

Big Lagoon

This lagoon is huge, but much easier to enter than Small Lagoon. The entrance to this lagoon has shallow waters, so one can walk into it. After the shallow waters though is a huge basin of the bluest waters I ever saw.
7 Commandos

This was where we bought fresh buko juice for Php50.00. Kuya Mar told us that we could while away our time on this island but it was too hot take a dip. And it was too hot to lay on the sands, so we headed back home.