Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Road to El Nido

11 March 2013. Palawan.

We arrived earlier than expected but the group we shared the van to El Nido with was delayed for a good two hours. Kuya Rene, the van driver, brought us to LRC 908 Market Mall, a one-stop souvenir shop a few minutes away from Puerto Princesa airport. We had our brunch of pasta at Bodato, and whiled away the time by looking at souvenirs until the van finally arrived.

The trip to El Nido takes roughly five to six hours, on sometimes paved and sometimes rough road. Lunch was at a stop-over in an eatery at Roxas. The group we were with decided to make a quick stop at Taytay Fort, the Fuerza de Santa Isabel.

Entrance fee was Php30.00/person. The fort was a sight to behold, with the vast blue sea providing a picturesque background. The fort was built in 1667, and according to my limited readings, it was built under the supervision of the Augustinian Recollect Fathers and named in honor of Spain's Queen Isabela II in the 19th century. The fort was used as a military station during the said period. Currently, the fort is under the supervision of the National Museum.
Images of the Fort:
After we've had our fill of Taytay, we once again rode the van for El Nido. It was after Taytay that we experienced the rough roads to El Nido. It was agonizing, especially for my butt, and I swore that this shall be the first and last time that I'll visit the place. But as soon as I alighted from the van at the El Nido terminal, and saw this humble, little town with this huge limestone towering over it, I instantly fell in love with the place. I forgot that I had to endure 6 hours of butt-agonizing ride. All I remembered on that day was that my El Nido adventure had truly began.