Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sorta backpacking El Nido (The Preliminaries, Part II)

11-15 March 2013. Palawan.

Coincidentally, El Nido was celebrating its fiesta when we decided to make our presence felt on the island. Jas and I had our dinner al fresco under the stars when we sampled what El Nido had to offer through eateries lining the streets. We learned that these eateries are in existence only during the town fiesta. Grilled was in abundance, and the prices of the dishes range from Php150 to Php200, good for sharing.

Breakfast starts at 7 o'clock, and Jas and I sampled those establishments lining the beach. Servings were huge; I always never got to finish my order. Price ranges from Php120 to Php180.
Lunch was provided by our boat man, Kuya Mar, which was included in our island hopping activity. The day before our first day of island hopping, Kuya Mar asked us what we wanted for lunch. Jas wanted seafood; I wanted liempo. Kuya Mar gave us both, and more. His shrimps tasted divine. On our second day, lunch consisted of grilled chicken, more liempo, and more of those divine shrimps. On our last day, Kuya Mar pulled out all the stops. We had more grilled chicken, grilled squid as Jas requested, and ├╝ber delicious crabs. Drinks were not included, so we brought with us a liter of bottled water everyday.










At 7 Commandos Island, fresh buko juice may be purchased for Php50.00. At Cudugnon Cave, cottages may be rented at100.00, and drinks are being sold on the island. At Pinagbuyutan Island, we bought fresh buko juice for Php20.00.

El Nido is a small town, and every location may be reached by foot. There are tricycles though with a fare of Php10.00/person, but fare to and from the terminal is Php50.00/ride. Bicycles and motorcycles may be rented for the day. Before the island hopping, an environmental fee of Php200.00/person must be paid. The amount is good for ten days, and there's a discount if you're from Palawan.
All preliminaries covered, let's explore El Nido, a piece of heaven on earth.