Friday, March 15, 2013

Beach bumming in Boracay

1-3 March 2013. Aklan.

I promised myself the next time I visit Boracay, I'll simply enjoy its beach. And enjoyed it I did. With a vengeance, I might add. I positioned myself on one of those beach chairs lining the shores, purchased buko juice, and let my thoughts wander. My only regret was not bringing a book with me so I could have read by the shore. I fell asleep though, lulled into calmness by the sound of the waves lovingly caressing the sand. This is one Boracay activity one can enjoy without spending a single centavo. Well, a hundred pesos would not hurt that much for a buko juice if the returns are hours of sun, sand, and sea, while relaxing on the beach chair.

Another activity that does not hurt the pocket that much but with rewards that'll make one forget he spent Php200.00 per person is the paraw sailing. A paraw is a small boat that is usually made from wood and bamboo. It can hold around 4 to 8 passengers, and runs only on wind. Almost all paraw sails are colored blue, and the paraws line the shores, so they aren't hard to miss. For an hour, I was able to relax on the paraw's hammock and enjoyed the famous Boracay sunset right in the middle of the waters.

I also got to visit the Rock, which I failed to do the first time I visited the island. On our second day, when half of the island was still asleep, Jas and I took a leisure stroll from D'mall all the way to the Rock. There's a grotto situated on top of the formation, and after saying my prayers, we proceeded to Jonah's for its banana chocolate peanut shake (estimate price of Php200.00, good for sharing).