Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A day at Rizal Park with the little one

28 March 2013. Metro Manila.

I brought the little one to Rizal Park after he has had his dose of sea breeze from Manila Bay. Zac was with me, his official photographer, and his two nannies. Since Zac and I didn't go home to the province for the Holy Week, I thought we'd just explore Manila. Driving to Roxas Boulevard was a breeze, at 6 o'clock in the morning. We had tapsilog breakfast by the bay for Php65.00/person. Zac had fun playing with the other kids at Manila Bay until I declared that it was time to visit Rizal Park.

Rizal Park, also known as Luneta Park, or simply Luneta, is located in the heart of the City of Manila, and adjacent to Intramuros. I remember visiting the park when I was a kid but I do not recall how the park looked like then. Rizal Park today is a sight to behold, and truly one of the beautiful parks in the country. According to my limited readings, Rizal Park has been the site of some of the significant moments in Philippine history - the execution of Dr. Jose Rizal on December 30, 1896; the declaration of Philippine Independence on July 4, 1946; and the political rallies that led to the EDSA Revolution in 1986.

The park's huge, but there's an abundance of trees that made exploring it quite refreshing.

What's there to see at the park aside from the Monument? A lot, I was surprised. But I wanted to remove Zac from the heat of the sun by 10 o'clock since he can't have his sunblock yet, so I thought we'd just explore two of the attractions: the Chinese Garden and the Japanese Garden.

Chinese Garden

Entrance fee: Php10.00/person

This attraction was made to resemble a Chinese landscape. We were the only persons around when we arrived, except for a guy doing tai chi at the Wisdom Walk. I was thus able to appreciate the beauty of the greenery contrasted with the red of the pagodas that is distinctly Chinese.

Japanese Garden

Entrance fee: Php10.00/person

I liked this garden for its simplicity. This attraction, in turn, resembles a Japanese landscape. It's smaller than the Chinese Garden and there aren't that many structures to sit around.

We also took a train ride around the park for Php50.00/person. The train just goes around the park - from the back of Rizal Monument to the huge fountains just before the Children's Playground. Zac was amazed by the sound of the ride's bell.

Zac loved chasing the pigeons at the park, which were aplenty. At around 9 o'clock, I decided to go home. I felt Zac has had enough for the day. True enough, he slept all the way home.

Until his next adventure...