Friday, March 29, 2013

A day at Quezon Memorial Circle with the little one

30 March 2013. Metro Manila.

The Quezon Memorial Circle, or simply known as the Circle, is both a park and a shrine. The park's main feature is a tall mausoleum which contains the remains of President Manuel L. Quezon, the second official President of the Philippines. Although the park is located literally across from where I work, I've never gone inside it. The only place I've been to are the restaurants located inside. I was thus surprised that there are a lot, and I mean, a lot, of attractions inside the park, for adults and kids alike.

Aside from being a popular jogging area, with its paths shaded by trees, the park is also a hit among kids with its activity areas - Circle of Fun, Circle of Joy, and Pedal n Paddle. We didn't enter Circle of Fun, but we sampled the rides at Pedal n Paddle.

Pedal n Paddle

Entrance fee: Php10.00/person

Boat Ride

For Php140.00/ride, maximum of 4, we pedaled for fifteen minutes around the small lagoon. It was a good exercise for my legs, although fifteen minutes can be quite long considering the size of the lagoon. So I called it quits after about 8 minutes. Besides, I was considering water traffic because there was already a line after we took our boat.

Train Ride

Zac and I were the only passengers on board. For Php40.00/head, we were treated to a fifteen-minute ride. The little one was quiet the entire time. He's probably amazed or afraid that the train had no driver but it was moving. He's used to mommy or daddy being on the driver's seat when we ride the car.

Circle of Joy

No entrance fee is required to be able to enjoy the numerous slides in this area. Zac was too young for the slides, and I didn't want to slide with him less I miscalculate and we both fall, head on, to the ground. The little one was contented just sitting on the slides though.

After we've had our fill of the activity areas, we shopped at the stalls lining the area towards the fountain and monument. I got Zac 4 pairs of basketball apparel for Php50.00/each pair. The nannies shopped to their heart's content until the little one fell asleep. It was time to go.

Until his next adventure...