Saturday, February 2, 2013

Malapascua's serene atmosphere*

26 January 2013. Malapascua Island, Cebu.


Jas was in awe of the island's tranquil surroundings when, ironically, the island was so named because the Spaniards, on a Christmas Day, got stranded on it due to bad weather; hence, Mala Pascua which literally means 'Bad Easter'. The island has 'silence' written all over it, interrupted only by the sounds of habal-habal transporting its riders.

From the airport, the company took a cab for Cebu North Bus Terminal. Cab fare was Php200. There are air conditioned and non-air conditioned buses waiting to bring people to Maya Port. The company opted to ride the non-air conditioned bus, for Php163 per person, because it was ready to go as it was nearing its passenger capacity. Bus ride to the port takes roughly 4 to 5 hours. From the port, a small rowing boat transported the passengers, for Php20 per passenger and another P20 per luggage, to a bigger boat waiting in the middle of the ocean (low tide season). Boat ride to the island is around 30 minutes, for Php80 per person.

The company took a habal-habal to bring them to Purple Snapper Dive Resort. Lunch was in order considering the long travel from the airport to the island. After checking-in, they searched for a place to eat and the search led them to Hippocampus Beach Resort, where they had a delicious meal of Italian dishes (Php725). Restaurants on the island do not come cheap, although I read somewhere that there are eateries with meals that cost around Php60.

After lunch, it was time to enjoy what the island had to offer. A habal-habal was rented for Php200 per hour and the company drove to the lighthouse. One may get around the island for Php20 per person per trip. The company still had to trek to get to the lighthouse but it was worth it. They were rewarded with a wonderful view of the island, and a cool breeze from the ocean.


The rest of the day was spent enjoying the pristine waters of the island. Dinner was at Mabuhay Restaurant, a seafood buffet, for Php299 per person. The following day, the company took another boat ride back to the port, and an air conditioned bus for P170 per person to the terminal. They then took a cab from the terminal to Palazzo Pensionne (Php100). It was time to explore the city's heritage.



-*jrlee , as narrated by Jas and Jane