Sunday, November 11, 2012

Iloilo's Wonders

26-28 October 2012. Iloilo.

Calle Real. Iloilo City.

I wanted a taste of Iloilo City in its rawness so we took the cab from Ted's to Calle Real. The whole place was a museum of sort with its buildings that have stood the test of time. Considered the central business district of the city, Calle Real was bursting with activity when we visited, and that was already late in the afternoon. Some of the buildings were under renovation. Calle Real was a fusion of the old and the new. The Spanish-style buildings stood majestically amidst the flashy jeeps lining the streets.
Iloilo Esplanade. Iloilo City.

According to its marker, the 1.2 kilometer esplanade celebrates Iloilo citizens' love for their river. It provides a functional, as well as a beautiful, venue that accommodates various leisure activities open for all to use and appreciate. The esplanade also brings the people closer to the water's edge, and their love for nature.
Garin Farm. San Joaquin.

San Joaquin is fifty three kilometers away from Iloilo City. Aside from its cemetery and church, another attraction in San Joaquin is Garin Farm. The farm offers a place for agriculture, leisure, and pilgrimage. There's an entrance fee of Php150 per person. For Php30 per ride, a golf cart brings guests to as far as the base of the pilgrimage. For another Php90 per ride, the guests can have a close encounter with this really huge cross on top of the mountain. One can walk all the way to the cross by climbing about 300 steps. We chose to ride all the way up, but walked from the cross down. We had stops along the way and admired those life-sized images depicting Jesus' journey.
Images of Garin Farm

On our way back to Iloilo City, we passed by the oldest bridge in the province and had lunch by the sea.

District Plaza in Molo.
In front of Molo Church is the district plaza, a beautiful place for relaxing late in the afternoon. The immaculate white structures perfectly contrast with the plaza's lush greens.

Finally, one of the things you must do while in Iloilo is shop for fruits at those fruit stands lining the streets.