Sunday, November 4, 2012

Iloilo Church Visit

28 October 2012. Iloilo.

Sixth stop, Molo.

The church is located within the plaza area of the district of Molo. According to my readings, the church was built in 1831 and projects a Gothic-Renaissance architecture. Made of coral rocks, the church was dubbed as 'women's church' because its interior is adorned by images of women saints. The facade has spires which are said to be the most interesting colonial 'skyscrapers' in Iloilo City, aside from the Belfy of Jaro.
Seventh stop, San Jose.

Located in front of Plaza Libertad, the church is said to be the first church in the city of Iloilo to serve the needs of the military stationed in Punta, as Iloilo was then called. It was built by the Jesuits around 1607; however, in 1617, the Augustinians established San Jose, a house of the order. Today, San Jose is one of the few parishes in the country still under the Augustinians.
Eighth stop, Jaro.
Formally called the Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral and National Shrine of Our Lady of the Candles, the church is dubbed as the 'masculine church' in contrast to that of Molo, considering that the interior is adorned by images of male saints. The bell tower of the cathedral is located across it. It is said that it was the bell tower of the earlier church and that an earthquake destroyed the church, leaving the bell tower standing. Another distinctive feature is the stairs attached to the church's facade leading to an image of Our Lady of the Candles.
Ninth stop, Sta. Barbara.
Sta. Barbara was our last stop because it was on the way to the airport. According to my readings, the church was declared a National Landmark in 1991 due to its important role in the country's history as the general headquarters and military hospital of the revolutionary forces against Spain in the Visayas during the late 1800s. In front of the church is the plaza in which stands the statue of General Martin Delgado, who convened the junta that raised the first cry of the revolution against Spain outside Luzon. Unfortunately, Jas and I were not able to explore the beauty of the church's grounds because we were running out of time.