Friday, November 11, 2011

Over & Done With Boracay (The Preliminaries

I am not a fan of Boracay Island because (a) I hate crowds, and (b) I was never really a party person. Besides, I can get sufficient doses of crowds and parties right here in Manila, I feel that I do not have to travel miles to get a taste of both. Jas insisted we do Boracay, however, and I was tired of the constant teasing of a colleague that I have been almost everywhere except Boracay. Fine. Suddenly, the island was inserted in my list of places to go for the year.

Since my heart was never really into it, I didn’t bother searching the net for things I’d rather be doing in Boracay than partying and mingling with the crowd. In any case, I could always simply enjoy the island’s world-class beach. What I did search, however, were decent places to stay, and in the course of my searching, I came across My Boracay Guide – a site on everything Boracay.

My Boracay Guide not only offers extensive information on the accommodations, restaurants, and activities on the island; it also offers reasonable packages with the following inclusions: flight, 3 days-two nights accommodation, full breakfast, complete transfer, a Boracay activity, and any and all fees necessary for you to get through the port and into Boracay Island. Since our flights were already booked via Kalibo, I availed of the Nigi Nigi Nu Noos without flight package for the price of Php7,340.00. The activities were likewise booked through My Boracay Guide: exclusive island hopping and land tour for Php5,400.00, and a 30-minute jet ski ride and 15-minute parasailing for Php4,000.00/person. The free Boracay activity we availed of, which activity came with the package, is riding the Zorb; otherwise, the Zorb-Zipline Combo will cost another Php1,100.00/person.

I must say that from the time we arrived at the Kalibo airport on the 13th of October to the time we left the region on the 15th of October, we were especially looked after by members of My Boracay Guide’s logistics team. All we did was to enjoy the place and the activities, which was a good thing for me considering that I knew internet nothing about the island as soon as I stepped on its shores. About the only thing left for me to do was locate D’Mall, and walk from one end of the White Beach to the other end to familiarize myself with the area.

Our Boracay adventure almost didn’t push through because we were scheduled to visit the place a day after Typhoon Ramon left the Philippine area of responsibility. Boracay Island was one of those places in the Visayas Region hit by the typhoon; in fact, we even saw flooded side streets when we were on our way to the resort. All was well, however, and we were blessed with a fine weather when we arrived.

Nigi Nigi Nu Noos is located in Boat Station 2, and I was surprised that despite its proximity to the island’s party places, our room was quiet. Our room, by the way, was very spacious, and it even had a plasma television. The following days after our arrival was spent on the various activities booked, and I discovered that with the land tour, I have covered every area of the island. I also learned that I can enjoy Boracay minus the crowd and parties when I visit the place during the low season. Now that I have practically seen and known everything in and about the island, the next time I come visit, I will merely enjoy its famed beach.