Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Singapore & Its Amusements, Part I (Archive)

20 August 2010. Singapore.

merlion walk @ sentosa

From Balestier Road, we took the bus to Sentosa alighting at Harbour Front. We then searched for Harbour Front Tower Two, where the newly-renovated Jewel Cable Car Ride is located. The cable car connects Sentosa to the scenic Mount Faber. For S$26 per person, which covered a two-way ride, we were off to Mount Faber first. There wasn’t much to see at Mount Faber, although it boasts of a beautiful view of Singapore sunset.

mount faber

Moving on, we once again boarded the cable car for Sentosa, alighting at Imbiah Lookout where we purchased our tickets for Images of Singapore and the 8.40 evening show of Songs of the Sea. I paid S$20 for both attractions and I must say they were worth every penny. Images of Singapore showcases Singapore’s rich history and cultural diversity. If there was one attraction that I highly recommend in Sentosa, this would be it. It’s a miniature of the Lion City. Songs of the Sea, located at Siloso Beach, was also worth the wait. It’s a combination of laser lights, water jet, pyrotechnics, and flame bursts timed perfectly to add visual galore to the story of a young man in search for a princess. Since we had time to kill before Songs of the Sea, we checked out other attractions around Sentosa.

We did the Merlion Walk for S$8 per person, and for an additional S$10, we had ourselves photographed at the Merlion’s mouth. There’s nothing really impressive about the walk: we merely had the chance to enter this giant Merlion and had a nice view of Sentosa Island atop the Merlion’s head. Moving on, we boarded the beach tram to Siloso where my friend sampled the Sentosa Luge and Skyride. I chatted with the attraction’s caretaker. There are eateries around Sentosa but they’re expensive. We paid S$24.20 for a pizza and two glasses of coke; probably the most expensive glass of coke I ever had. Finally, my friend thought he’d sample one more attraction before we proceed to Songs of the Sea – the ‘green’ bicycle. It is set in motion by merely leaning over, and stopped by standing straight.

Images of Sentosa:

imbiah lookout @ sentosa

images of singapore @ sentosa

inside images of singapore

inside images of singapore

beach station @ sentosa

beach station @ sentosa

After being entertained by Songs of the Sea, we took the cable car back to Harbour Front. Famished, we had dinner at the nearby hawker center where I was able to taste the best fish and chips I ever had.