Monday, August 22, 2011

Pagudpud: Old & New (The Preliminaries

To fully enjoy Pagudpud, which I was not able to do during my first visit to the place way back in June 2010, I decided to spend the long weekend of August in the municipality. My trip to this coastal town was a baptism of sort: my first solo trip with Jas; Boots’s first trip ever; and Dora’s first trip since Mount Pulag in April. On 18 August 2011, at 9.30 in the evening, Jas and I boarded Florida’s pink bus bound straight for Pagudpud.

  • Florida Bus Liner, located at Lacson Avenue corner Earnshaw Street, Manila. Contact No. 7433809. Bus fare, one-way, is Php700.00/person. Reservation must be made two days before the intended trip.

The journey was smooth and comfortable, or as comfortable as I could make of the ten-hour trip. At around 7.30 in the morning of the 19th of August, we arrived in Pagudpud. Jomar Villaluz, our intended tour guide, was at the terminal to meet us. Unfortunately, he would not be able to give us a tour of the attractions in Pagudpud due to prior commitments; he, however, took the initiative of arranging our tour with his uncle, Reynante Villaluz. Kuya Reynante was the sweetest guide – soft-spoken guy, with a genuine smile perpetually plastered to his face.

  • Reynante Villaluz, c/o Jomar Villaluz, contact number 09203183945. His tricycle number is 323.

Agua Seda was the beach resort of choice – a small beach front resort with seven rooms, and we were the only occupants, the season being off-peak. We paid Php1,400 per night for an air-conditioned room; and since we were the only persons around, it seemed like we paid Php2,800 for the entire resort for two nights. The owner is Ms. Lety C. Garvida, a retired teacher, who spent her 38-year savings into building such a charming resort. She’s expanding too. The resort serves meals at such an affordable price. During our entire stay, we paid Php1,930 (for two) for our meals, which included drinks and tons of extra rice. On our second day at the resort, we were served by Ma’am Lety herself; the rest of our stay, we were specially looked after by Kuya Rogel. There’s nothing really fancy about the resort; the room we stayed at was small, the bathroom was even smaller. The hot shower was busted; fortunately, it was sweltering hot when we paid a visit to Pagudpud, so we didn’t mind. For the budget-conscious though, Agua Seda is the place to be. If money is a problem, there are huts lining the beach front which one can rent for Php250.00, and there are also ‘palutuan’ along the strip. If one intends to splurge, Hannah’s Beach Resort is right next to Agua Seda. We had lunch at its restaurant, when we could not locate Kuya Rogel; it cost us Php800.00.

  • Agua Seda is located at Barangay Balaoi. Contact number is 09202431832.