Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guangzhou and the Five Ram Statue (Archive)

4 October 2010. Guangzhou.

Our last day backpacking China was spent in Guangzhou, and it wasn’t really roughing it up but more of shopping it up. We arrived in Guangzhou at around 7 o’clock in the evening on the 3rd of October, an hour’s flight from Xi’an. The rest of the night was spent looking for our hotel, Lilac International Suites. We had a two-bedroom suite, with a nice view of the garden. It was a pity we had the suite for only a night. The hotel is a five-minute walk away from Jusco Supermarket, where we bought all the goodies we could bring back home without having to pay extra for excess baggage.

Since we only had less than 24 hours to tour Guangzhou before we headed back to the Philippines, we thought we’d take it easy. The only condition I imposed on my travel companions was that we visit the park which housed the Five Ram Statue. They kidded that Po Park, the park where Jusco Supermarket was located, had its own Five Ram Statue and maybe that was enough for me?

at po park at yue xiu park

The first order of business was shopping, after which we proceeded back to the hotel and deciphered how we could pack all the goodies we shopped in our backpacks. That figured out, we headed to Yue Xiu Park for my Five Ram Statue. There are other attractions at Yue Xiu Park but we lacked time and energy to explore all of them. For a fee, we boarded the Park’s coaster which brought us directly to the statue.

Images of Guangzhou:

lilac international suites 

yue xiu park

five ram statue and sun yat sen memorial

Our bags were packed and we were ready to go back to Manila’s stress.