Sunday, May 29, 2011

Two-in-One: Bais & Manjuyod

dolphins in bais

22 May 2011. Bais. Negros Oriental.

My Love Affair with Dolphins.

The group’s first activity after the wedding was dolphin watching at Bais City, an hour away from Dumaguete. I was told that the best time to go dolphin watching is during the months of May to October.  The group left Dumaguete City at 4.30 in the morning in time for the dolphin watching at around 7 o’clock to 10 o'clock. The van assigned to my group arrived at Capinahan Wharf where a boat was waiting for us. It was raining that day, so I prayed hard for the skies to clear. It cleared, fortunately, as the boat we were on started to drift towards Tanon Strait. Several minutes, or probably an hour later, I lost track of time, the coast guard jolted me out of my sleepy reverie to witness the most amazing view I ever had of the sea – school of dolphins were swimming all around our boat! Several were swimming right under our noses as if guiding our boat. It was the most awe-inspiring experience I ever had with the friendliest marine mammal.

22 May 2011. Manjuyod. Negros Oriental.

white sand bar in manjuyod

Relaxing Afternoon on Stilts.

I silently bade goodbye to the dolphins as the boat brought the group to the White Sand Bar of Manjuyod. From the Capinahan Wharf, the bar is a mere fifteen-minute boat ride. This 7-kilometer stretch of white sand belongs technically to the town of Manjuyod but it has been associated with Bais because of its close proximity to the city. The Bais City Tourism Council has arranged for dolphin watching tours with stopovers at the bar. The island appears during low tide; on a high tide, the cottages on stilts appear to be floating. There are four cottages lining the bar, which may be rented. I did not swim that afternoon; the cool afternoon breeze and the calm waters lulled me to sleep.

Images of the bar:

white sand bar in manjuyod

white sand bar in manjuyod